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Certified Banker

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    All About Microsoft Office 2013

    The All About Office 2013 Series includes 1 program - Desktop Skills. Each program includes multiple courses for your students to complete to enhance their knowledge and skills in the given area. ..

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    Customer Relationship Management

    The Customer Relationship Management Series includes programs Working with Customers and Expanding Customer Services ..

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    Residential and Mortgage Lending

    Residential and Mortgage Lending is specifically geared toward frontline and back office personnel involved in residential and mortgage lending activities. Our courses address the regulations ..

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    Personal Banker Program

    Personal banking is what every customer is looking to get from his or her bank. A good personal banker is the key to customer satisfaction and retention. ..

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    Operations and Financial Skills

    Operations & Financial Skills is ideal for non-entry-level employees charged with tasks such as financial statement analysis, accounting, and advanced operational activities ..

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    Consumer Credit Lending

    Consumer Credit Lending gives new and seasoned employees an important framework for understanding regulatory compliance in the consumer lending industry. Our courses address the specific regulations ..

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    Sales & Teller Program

    This program is ideal for all employees involved in customer service and sales. The course content strengthens the skills and techniques necessary for effective face-to-face ..

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    Managers & Directors Program

    To be an effective banking executives managers have to deal with a wide aray of complex issues. This program provides the tools to address these issues. ..

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    Human Resources Program

    The Human Resources Series includes 5 programs. Each program includes multiple courses for employees and managers to complete, so to enhance their ..

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    Business Management & Communications

    The Business Management Series includes programs that work on teaching and improving management and team building skills.Each program includes multiple courses for your students ..

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    Compliance Program

    Build a robust compliance program within your bank or build up your credentials as a compliance officer. We offer a suite of courses to meet your needs ..

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Banking Certifications


Microsoft Office 2013 Certificate

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Human Resources Professional Certificate

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Customer Relationship Manager Certificate

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Leadership and Management Professional Certificate

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Certified banker

CertifiedBanker.org is the banking education and training division of Market Trader Academy USA (MTA). MTA is a New York based financial education institute that is registered in the state of New York and is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization and is a member of the American Association of Career and Technical Education.

CertifiedBanker.org offers a number of certificates that cover the wide spectrum of specialities within the banking industry. A certified Banker provides his or her employer, colleagues, and clients with the assurance that they are at an advanced level of competency and knowledge of the ever changing banking profession. For a banker, a professional banking certificate strengthens current career paths and opens many other opportunities. Learn more about the Banking Certificates Program

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